The diagrams below give the drawer dimensions of our roll out drawers and pull out shelves.




Our Cabinet Roll Out Shelves are steel reinforced. In fact the 17″ & 20″ wide drawers are double reinforced.

IMPORTANT NOTE – the drawer and  base of our roll out shelves are FACTORY ALIGNED.

What does FACTORY ALIGNED mean?

Quick answer: The inner and outer set of slides are matched perfectly so the drawer will roll easily every time.

Long answer: All drawer slides come in 2 sets – an inner set that attaches to the drawer – and an outer set that normally attaches to the cabinet wall. To roll perfectly, both sets must be perfectly square, and interlock tightly with less than 1/4″ of play. If the outer set is too tight…the drawer jams. If the outer set is too loose…the drawer will pop out of the outer set under heavy load. So fairly tight tolerances. When building new cabinets, the cabinet maker makes the drawer to tight tolerances to just fit inside the cabinet walls. When retro-fitting existing cabinets for roll out drawers…using the cabinet walls is a challenge. At a minimum, the cabinet rail on the hinge side of the door has to placed on spacers to allow the roll out drawer to clear the door hinges…and often the other side has to be put on spacers too. Installing the rails on the cabinet walls in an existing cabinet is tough. The space is small & dark and you have to do one side at a time. Finally, the drawer width has to be built to match these measurements.

A Simpler Solution

Attach the cabinet rails to an existing shelf…the shelf is already there…it’s level…and way easier to attach to than 2 vertical walls. All that is needed is a way to hold the outer rails in place (an adapter) and…allows you to screw the adapter into the shelf. Some companies give you 4 ‘L’ brackets….2 for each side to hold the outer rail. In this design, the left and right sides are independent, and…the front and back of each side are movable. To align this design, you essentially fix one side (left or right)…leaving the other side floating. You insert the drawer…roll it back and forth while adjusting the floating side in or out. And, remember the back and front are independent…so both have to be adjusted…and reasonably square. So, the adjustment is given to you to do.

Our design uses 2 ‘U’ shaped cross members to hold the cabinet rails. The cross members are designed to tightly fit the drawer width it holds. When the rails are screwed to the cross- members, you have a one piece base…where nothing moves…that can be quickly screwed to any existing cabinet shelf. After which…pop the drawer in…NO ALIGNMENT REQUIRED.

What does this mean for you? A HUGE REDUCTION IN INSTALLATION TIME & EFFORT…which, in turn, minimizes your frustration level.



Watch our installation video on YouTube to see how easy the installation is.



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