4 Secrets About Pullout Kitchen Shelves That Nobody Will Tell You

Pullout Kitchen Shelves are actually easy to install when you buy the right drawers

Installers may tell you that you need custom pull out drawers to hold the weight of your kitchen pantry items but this is simply not true.  Properly designed durable plastic kitchen pullout shelves can hold the weight of 100 pounds but we recommend you never exceed about 50 lbs.kitchen pullout shelves

Save your money instead of purchasing expensive custom made kitchen pull out shelves that are difficult to install.  Purchasing durable pullout kitchen shelves will save you time from searching for lost items and the hassles of difficult installation methods.

Secret #1- You don’t have to attach Pullout Kitchen Shelves to the cabinet walls

In fact, in existing cabinets, attaching to the cabinet walls is a much harder installation. When attaching to the cabinet walls, you have to ensure the cabinet set of rails are level. This means in the front to back and on both sides. You have to place the rails on spacers to allow the drawer to clear obstacles like hinges. You have to place the rails on spacers to allow the drawer to clear obstacles like hinges. The solution…

The simple solution is to attach your Pullout Kitchen Shelves to your existing cabinet shelves.

All that is required is to hold the cabinet rails vertical inside the cabinet walls and that also allows attachment to any existing shelf like a base system to hold the rolling drawer. As the shelf is already level there is no leveling work required.

As the cabinet rails are now inside the cabinet walls, they can be designed to clear all obstructions with no spacers required. Now, let’s look at rollout shelf base system to see if there is anything we can learn there.

Secret #2- Look for a one-piece, fully-assembled, Pullout Kitchen Shelf base system

A simple and inexpensive base system for Pullout Kitchen Shelves is simply 4 ‘L’ angles to hold the cabinet rails. Some companies throw the ‘L’ angles, the rails, a template, and some screws in a box, mail it out you and leave the rest up to you. YOU attach the drawer rails to the drawer. Then YOU attach the cabinet rails to the ‘L’ angles and YOU attach one side of the base unit and fix it in place. Then YOU place the other side in roughly the right spot (there are slots in the ‘L’ angles, so YOU can adjust to the final position). YOU then have to put the drawer in the base and move the unfixed side of the base in or out to where the drawer seems to slide easily (alignment) and YOU then remove the drawer carefully so the rails don’t move.  Finally, YOU screw down the ‘L’ angles in the final position.

If YOU get anything wrong like the rails are too tight or the rails too loose then YOU repeat this process again until YOU get it right.

rollout kitchen drawersSave yourself the trouble and purchase the one-piece, fully-assembled, base unit that removes all the hassle of assembly and alignment for you. It makes the installation so much simpler and it will save you time and frustration. Take a look at the image to the left and be sure that you are purchasing a unit that is pre-assembled.



When you purchase preassembled kitchen roll out shelves all you have to do is lay the shelf into your cupboard and start screwing in the nails. Roll out Kitchen Drawers has found a way to make this easy for its’ customers.

Watch the kitchen pullout shelves installation video now

Secret #3- Look for Small Product Details on the Pullout Kitchen Shelves

Small product details are an important clue. They show the Company wants their product to be the best, and wants its customers interaction with the product to be as easy and simple as possible.

Little details like a centering arrow on the base, and pre-drilled screw holes in the base that hold the screw vertical make the installation a little easier.

Secret #4- One Company Offers Hassel-Free, Return-Free, 100% Refunds

ribbon_sealSome Companies make you fill out a form and some make you pay for return shipping. Some roll out shelf companies even charge a re-stocking fee. Rollout Kitchen Drawers does none of that. If you want to return a part or all of your order. Simply send an email Brian at Roll out Kitchen Drawers stating what you want to do. Rollout Kitchen Drawers will arrange free pickup and return and issue a 100% refund with no additional questions asked. Do you know another company that does that?

Roll Out Kitchen Drawers patented Pullout Kitchen Shelves design mean that YOU don’t have to worry about any of the problems above. We designed a durable pullout shelf that attaches to any existing cabinet shelf …is dead easy to install…looks good in your kitchen pantry cupboards.,,and if you are not totally happy…we will take it back at no cost to you. How much better does it get than that!

When you buy this patented product and see the US patent number 6,659,576 B1, pat yourself on the back. You can rest assured that you bought the right Pullout Kitchen Shelves that are built to last you for years to come.

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