I love the drawers! I’m looking forward to getting more of them installed.


Maryland Heights, MO

Received our Roll-Out shelves yesterday, and they are exactly what
I expected (and what we wanted).  They are replacing this crazy
five-tier Lazy Susan contraption that drove my wife crazy with things
constantly falling to the base.  This is so simple to install that a
child could do it, and the build quality is excellent.Paul

Hopatcong, NJ
It’s great when a Company actually listens.
I am sure you will have continued success. Looking forward to getting my next shelf/drawer. They are sooooooo easy to install, that alone makes them great.
Thanks again.
Epsom, NH

Just installed my 3 shelves and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. I searched around the internet looking for the best deal and found it here. Will definitely be back to order more!


Cincinnati, OH

I installed the four 20” wide shelves in a pantry in no time. All is perfect and these are quite sturdy and beautifully designed. I am glad I found you on the internet as it’s always great to find a well-engineered product that meets all expectations.

Concord MA

I installed 22 shelves in three hours. This is a great product. I’m so glad I picked it.
Bakersfield, CA
Hi Brian,
I did not see a place to put a testimonial on that page, so am sending it to you in an email. We have finished putting six of your rolling drawers into our pantry and I LOVE THEM. We had a very tall space where I had cans stacked on top of cans, which kept falling over. I never could see what was in the back of the shelf. My husband built another shelf to divide the height of that “can shelf” and now I have two rolling drawers in that space so no need to stack things on top of one another. They are so great. I wish I had known about these years ago. They took hardly any time to install and are holding everything I needed them for. I am singing praises for these drawers to everyone I meet.
Thank you for your help with my choice of size to buy. They are perfect.
Have a wonderful holiday season. These drawers have made my Christmas a very Merry one.

Acworth, GA

Thank so much, I have looked at custom, it’s at least double the cost and as you point out on your website, they all come in many pieces, lots of lining up and measuring.
My L&P is 5/8 thick ( I am removing a wall elsewhere in the kitchen).  I have a Fein Multi tool, it literally will cut a perfect hole in minutes, so that feels quicker and more efficient than paying double to triple the cost of yours and half the time to cut a hole vs fiddling in the cupboard to measure for hours.  Lol.  I’m still at the planning stage, I will look at it some more and do some research.

Thank you for your time and advice.  Would rather give you my business.  Excellent advice and service, thank you.
Vancouver, BC


Why did I wait 2 years….the pull out drawers are great.  It took my husband and I about an hour.  That includes taking every thing out of the pantry, attaching to the shelf and putting everything back in.  Love them.


Norcross, GA

This is a terrific product, especially for older folks. I bought one to try it out and now just bought another 4 units.

I owned a  telecommunications business for 20 years which I subsequently gave to my sons,  and the most important aspect of my business was customer service. I just pointed that out because you and your company show the same respect for your customers and I had for mine, good job‼


Whitehall, PA

I just installed new cabinets in my kitchen and was trying to decide which roll-out shelves to install.


I have used Lynk before and I happen to think they make a very good quality product. However, I decided to try one of yours, as well.


Earlier today, your roll-out arrived and I installed it.


Your product and Lynk are both easy to install.


Your product and Lynk are both high quality and should last a long time.


The cost of both your product and Lynk is reasonable, though I think yours costs a bit less and you don’t charge for shipping.


The key difference to me, though, is that your poly shelves will contain leaks and spills and Lynk will not. Yours will be much easier to clean.  (Cleaning spilled, dried  ketchup off a wire roll-out would not be fun.)
Therefore, I have decided to order more roll-outs from you.



Darien, IL

Just placed my second order.

I was very pleased with the first set of drawers I ordered from you. Installation was longer than usual, as there were no drawers in my cupboard, and I had to install two rails, front and back, to mount each of the drawers. Nothing complicated, but took time. I’m very pleased with the results; more importantly, my wife is even more pleased. You have a great product, and I recommend it highly.



Manhasset, NY

My wife and I purchased your roll out drawers for a Christmas gift for our daughter.  I installed them in minutes and she absolutely loves them. She especially appreciated the higher sides on your shelves compared to others we looked at and also the heavy duty, easy to clean plastic.


Sanborn, NY

I received my slides on Friday afternoon and I installed them in less than 5 minutes!

Great product and I REALLY appreciate you sending out another set rather than me fighting with UPS!  You are truly a class act.


Brandon, FL

Testimonial — Great Customer Service!

Ultimately, size limitations prevented me from using the product — but the excellent customer service was right up there with the best I have ever experienced.  Thank you!

Bill C.

New Orleans


Dear Sir,  I am pleased to say my drawer arrived, is installed, and I am so pleased with it. Your service  and quality is great. I am also proud that I measured correctly and it fits perfectly. I’m 87, have two knee replacements and could not get in the back  of the cabinet. Thank you very much.


Sincerely, Betty

Wernersville, PA

Just wanted to let you how much I love my roll out drawer.  I had
checked out the Container Store and did not see any thing comparable.
It works wonderfully well and saves my back (I’m 77 yrs) from having to
dig around in a very low cupboard.  Thank you for a great product which
was so easy to install.



El Cajon, CA

We are extremely impressed with your product.  The roll-outs are very well-made, easy to install, easy to clean, and a great value.




Palm Desert, CA

I purchased 9 drawers that arrived last Friday.  I installed them on Saturday morning.  It only took minutes to install each drawer.  My wife and I are so pleased with your product and quick delivery.  We just ordered 7 more drawers.  We will need more to finish our project.  While installing the drawers gives less overall space it provides you with so much more usable space and an opportunity to get totally organized.

Wind Lake, WI

Wow!  What service!! A reply on Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday besides!!

Brian, I can’t thank you enough for this great product.  Drawers are so well constructed and simple to install.  The price is great.

I was so happy with the first two drawers that I had to order the other 3 I need. Thank you for a wonderful business experience and an outstanding product.



Green Valley, AZ



I don’t usually write to tell someone how satisfied I am with a product, but I’m ecstatic about your rollout shelves. After purchasing other products that were way too complicated to install, I stumbled across your website.  The testimonials really seemed too good to be true.  I received your product last week and installed them on Sunday.  The most difficult part of the installation was getting up and down off the floor!!!  My cupboard space has easily doubled and I can actually see what I have in the back of the pantry.  I can’t wait to order more soon as the budget allows.


Thanks for a great product and solution to my space problem.


Lansdale, PA


After 12 years and 10 handymen who said it was no big deal and they would do it,
I took it upon myself to put dawers in my cabinet. I am a 67 year old woman and
I know I can handle anything, so I did my research. Brian was incredibly helpful and
knowledgeable and patient. He suggested that I try two and then order the other
two if they worked or return them. I installed the bottom ones in record time
and while I was waiting for the second set, I made my half top shelf a full
shelf using full metal plates to hold the two pieces of board together with
an L-bracket on either side.  Easy, easy, easy.  I got a new rechargable
screwdriver for me as a prize, along with lots of amazement from everyone I
brag to about them. Don’t think twice. If they don’t work, but they will, you
can return them for a total refund. You will love this company, the product,
the installation, and the results.

Many thanks,

Casselberry, FL

Thank you Brian for a great product and excellent service. I love my new drawers and the service was a lot more than I expected. When you say no hassle you meant it. I have never returned something with the ease and satisfaction you have provided.  Will be ordering the rest soon. Thanks again.



Wichita, KS


Wow…I hardly know what to say…this is the easiest thing I’ve done (returning a drawer) since we started building our house in July!  I don’t even have to tape the box shut, since I never opened it (I tried the 17″ first and it was a perfect fit).  I will leave it between my two front doors with a note for FEDEX.

It’s not often that a spectacular product is backed by such tremendous customer service and I am grateful that you do both!

Framingham, MA


Thank you Brian. This is the best customer service experience I think I have ever had. FedEx just picked up the package and it is on its way back to you.

I am very disappointed that I could not use these drawers. They are a quality product and the ones I have installed are beautiful. This was the easiest and most cost effective way to upgrade my 1950’s kitchen cabinets. A coat of paint and your drawers and voila! A new kitchen.

Your product and service are first class.

Bakersfield, CA

The first order of 5 drawers were for the pantry. So easy to install and like so many people said, it takes longer to empty the shelves than installing the drawers. Our second order is for the kitchen island. These drawers are great, very sturdy construction, and slide smoothly. Highly recommend anyone considering pullout shekves/drawers to get these. So glad I found your site online. Thanks.


Silverdale, WA

Received the roll out drawer I ordered from you today.  Have already installed it, and it works great.  The only hard part was getting up off the floor (am 70yr.great-grandma). If I had a few more decent cabinets, I would certainly order more. Will recommend your product to others.
Thank you.
Streator, IL

Not only do you have the best customer service I have ever experienced, your product is outstanding.  I ordered 16 more drawers.  I am 70 years old and it takes me a while to do things.  I could not believe how easy it was to install.
Thanks again
Santee, CA

The website was found using google, I had looked at other websites and they were confusing, your site was simple and to the point.  You showed how to measure, order and install. Very easy with great prices!
The product was recieved in a reasonable amount of time, shipped directly to my house. I opened and installed 2 of my rolling drawers by myself without the power screwdriver. I also have rheumatoid arthritis and it was still such an easy installation and they worked great.

I then went to install my 15 ” drawers and realized that I had forgotten to subtract the 3/4″ and they did not fit. (see next paragraph). Last night I installed my 20″ drawers and anchored the shelves prior to installation following your instructions. I also had my power screwdriver and it was quick and simple.

I emailed you regarding my error with my measurement and you responded so quickly and arranged for the pick up and exchange including a refund. again so quick and simple.
I will tell everyone about what a great product and company that you have. I LOVE my shelves and the fact   that I could do it myself without pestering my husband.
Thanks again.
Newburgh, NY

My husband installed the 4 drawers in a short period of time without problems. We are very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend theseroll out drawers to anyone.
Thank you.
Erika, ON

I just want to say thanks for a great product. I opened up the package about an hour ago. It took more time to clear off the 2 shelves than to install your slide out shelves. With such quick delivery and fast, easy installation, I couldn’t be happier.
Perrysburg, OH

After waiting a long time to improve my kitchen pantry and searching high and low for an appropriate product, I came across your website. These seemed to be the best drawers I had looked at, since hardware (pre-aligned too) was included, no refinishing needed, lightweight so as not to add unnecessary weight to the shelves, easily cleaned surface, and last but not least, competitive pricing. It seemed too good to be true and I was a bit nervous to order, but decided to take a chance. I was very happy to receive the shelves promptly and in good order. My handyman came to install them as my shelves needed some shoring up prior to installation. He was so impressed with the quality and ease of installation, he took the information and ordered them for his own kitchen. Thanks again for a great product.
Henderson, NV

Thanks so much for a fantastic product! Received them today, installed them (easy as pie) and finally organized my deep narrow pantry! Worth every penny, and even a simpleton could install them! Thanks for such a speedy shipment and great product!
Bullhead City, AZ

I’m a little late with this, but I wanted to tell you that your sliding shelves were one of the best purchases I made for the house I was renovating. Better than new cabinets from a few years ago. Thanks.
Emily, MI

Good day Brian: I did get the replacement drawer.I am very pleased with your fine products and service. These 10-15″ roll drawers work very well and were installed as easy as noted on your web page.The quick and professional action to my orders is just exceptional.A great job. A pleasure to deal with your company. Looking forward to tell all my friends about your company,s great service and products.
Dr. T.
Ottawa, ON

Received my 2 Rollout Kitchen drawers and actually waited a couple of days before installing them. On Friday, I looked at the Installation diagram…grabbed my electric screwdriver…and installed both drawers in less than 20 minutes…and I’m a girly girl! Very glad I found your products.
Jacksonville, FL

This is the absolute best solution for my kitchen! My husband put it in within a few minutes…it rolls out smoothly and holds all of my plates- and they are very heavy duty. I absolutely love the rollout drawers and just want to say Thank You.
Oklahoma City, OK

My new drawers arrived yesterday and my husband installed them today. Wow…they are even better than I expected. Years ago, I purchased some wire basket things on rollers that never did work quite bright and were constantly causing me a headache. These new drawers roll so easily. They are a perfect fit for my lower cupboards. I can’t say enough great things about these drawers…I love them. Thanks so much for the great product and prompt delivery.
Centralia, WA

So easy even a grandmother can do it. I used my new Dewalt cordless screwdriver too…the one with the cute little light that comes on and helped when I did the screws in th back.
Renton, WA

First off, thank you for your professionalism and great customer servixce. We are senior citizens and can’t get down on our knees anymore, so we had our 90 lb neice come over to help us with the install…had all 11 of them installed in about an hour!!!
The quality is first class…they roll out very smoothly…and even hold 4 of my very heavy French cast iron pots/lids in one drawer…and still works great when put to the weight test. Thanks…I love them!!!
Lynden, WA

Just a note to tell you how much I am enjoying the set of drawers we purchased from your Company. They are wonderful…I wish I had them in every place! They are definely making my life easier. Neat and tidy and handy dandy! Sincerely;
Virginia Beach, VA


Hi Brian,
I love my new pull out draws. The price was much more reasonable than I could fined @ any store I checked. So easy to install anyone can do it. Thanks fror being an honest business. I will recommend U to everyone.
Boston, Ma

Wow I already got my drawers today and installed them. So so easy. They are beautiful!! Deep enough to hold things. Take up very little extra space. I can see they will be very easy to clean. Thank you so very much for a great product at a great price. I will definetely be telling my friends about your product.
Grande Prairie, Alberta

I googled roll out drawers for kitchen cabinets and after opening your site, I decided to order one unit to see how the product looked…Wow, great product and have ordered four more units…Called and talked to a sales lady on one order and what a pleasure to deal with. You have a great product at a very reasonable price . I have been telling and showing my friends of your units. A great company to work with…

We purchased nine 15″ wide sliding drawers which I installed today. I purchased a drill/driver in order to fit into the small space between the shelves and after that it was a breeze. What a nice, well designed and superbly functional product, especially for folks with bad backs. An excellent price as well. We just were saying today that with canned food in particular, if you do not not remember what was purchased, only the front row gets used! We will ordering three or four more sliding drawers very soon.
Roger and Iris
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Subject: Fantastic
We ordered five drawers to complete our kitchen renovation. The only way to describe the experience is fantastic. We found you using google. Your web site was easy to navigate and was very complete in the information needed and measuring. We placed our order which arrived via FedEx one day earlier than expected. The installation was a breeze and they were installed and operational in no time at all. We could find nothing that provided the features of these drawers in our local home shopping centers. Your drawers were indeed the answer to our needs. We are completely satisfied and will be telling all our friends what a great product you have. Please feel free to share our comments with anyone investigating your products.
Rick and Lin
Ocala, FL

Hi Brian
My name is Stanley. I placed an order with your company last week. I ordered two 20″ drawers. I was very concerned about the measurements, due to the fact I had a tight measurement for a 20″ drawer. After talking to Ida, (who I can not say enough about how knowledgeable and a pleasure she to work with) I was confident that I was ordering the right drawers. I received them Friday (11/26/10) and it took me longer to get my tools together than it did to install the drawers. Just as you advertised, they roll so smooth. I am very very satisfied and happy I found you on the Internet. Thank you again.
San Andreas, CA

Just want to thank you for your quick delivery. Two days from Canada to Sacramento CA – WOW! Then super simple to install – I’m a 75 year-old woman and with the help of a power screwdriver had absolutely no problem. Plus your office woman is a gem. So thank you. Great to find such a good product, service, and personnel.
Sacramento, CA

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I finally installed my kitchen pantry shelf drawers and I love them. I cannot believe that I have lived in this house for almost 25 years without them…..It makes organizing my pantry so much easier…..Thank you. I will be ordering more drawers for other parts of my kitchen once I finish the remodeling of the wall in my kitchen.
Corfur, NY

Thanks for your great service and superb product. I suspect I’ll order more and am recommending you to friends who are remodeling their kitchen. I wish most of the folks I deal with in the US had your business ethics.
Belhaven, NC

Hey Brian, I received and installed all six of my roll out drawers today. I think I did a very good job of it for a 50+ year old woman. It was easy to follow the instructions that came with them. I cannot tell you just how happy I am with the drawers. It sure makes my new pantry a lot easier to access. I’m trying to think of another place I can put one of your roll out drawers, haha. I just wanted to email you and let you know that you have been the best vendor I have dealt with in a very long time. Thank you for the great product, outstanding service and very fast shipping. Hope you have a good weekend God bless Nancy
PS. Thanks for the extra screws, the white ones look a lot better.
Beaverton, AL

My wife & I saw your product at a friend’s home yesterday. The sturdiness & fluid movement of the product, and his description of quick & easy installation, did the selling for your firm. Our order was placed today for our kitchen pantry & all the cupboards that could accommodate the spatial requirements. I researched customer comments on your site before placing our order and they’re right – Ida is a gem to deal with. She is helpful, humourous and truly desires to be of service. What a pleasant change from the sell-up hucksterism so prevalent with phone orders. Wishing You and your Firm Continued Success,
Misissauga, ON

Hi Brian,
Buying things on the internet at times make me a little skeptical of what I will be receiving. When the drawers arrived, I opened the box to examine them. I was amazed at the top-notch quality! They are built so well. My husband and I installed them last Saturday. They were a breeze to install (less than an hour for 4 drawers) and I love them! What a difference they have made in my kitchen. I showed them to my neighbor. She loved them and wanted to know where I found them. I expect her to be placing an order soon. It’s nice in this day and age to see quality manufacturing and good pricing!
Fort Collins, CO

Hi, we have just installed your roll-outs throughout our kitchen. I can’t rave enough about what an improvement they have made. Being in a wheelchair and loving to cook, your drawers have made our kitchen so much more accessible and organized. My husband found them so easy to install. Although your business was closed the day we called, your representative [I forget her name sorry] was more than willing to meet us and fill the order. Your packaging and instructions are amazing. Having everything in stock was a bonus. We only wished for more sizes! I had seen your ad many months ago in the Vancouver Sun and had lost it. I was able to find your website by googling “drawers to shelves” Hope your company continues to grow. We will refer your company to many others in our building. I will leave some of your cards in our lobby. Thanks for having such a great product that makes my life much easier.
Vancouver, BC

Just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure doing business with you. Love your rollout drawers, they were so quick and easy to install.
We have this narrow long cupboard that I use for a pantry to keep all my can goods in. I always hated to try and find things in it as it was so hard to get to the back of the cupboard but now with the drawers everything can be organized and easy to get to. I will be recommending them to my friends.
Williamsburg, PA

This is to let you know I have received my refund and to thank you.
First I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with our shelves! They are terrific.
Secondly, I just can’t express how impressed I am with your business practices. You do stand behind all you say you will do. In this day and age when no one cares about customer service you are the exception. I have every intention of recommending you to people in the USA!
Again, many thanks,
Pittsboro, NC

My drawers arrived Saturday, in excellent condition, and exactly as ordered. My son and I took them to my mother’s and had them installed in under one hour, which time included clearing all eight cabinets. They are just what she wanted, and she is very happy to have them.
I did a fair amount of research before ordering from your company. Your drawers appeared to have the best quality for cost, and the promised ease of installation on top of that was what sold me. I was very pleased to find all your promises were true. The only problem I experienced was with FedEx’s delivery, as they don’t seem to do so well in finding rural areas such as where I live.
I will recommend your product to anyone looking for an upgrade.
Thank you,
Sheridan TX

The drawers arrived yesterday and I installed them this morning….in about 5 minutes! Oh, so easy! I just love them. Thank you for such a wonderful product and such quick service!
(I’m hoping that I can talk my mother into getting some for her kitchen because everything she needs is always way back in the back of the cabinet.) Again, thank you.
Hope you have a great and wonderful day.
Hope Hull, AL

I purchased and installed, yesterday, your roll-out kitchen drawer. I chose this drawer because I did not lose as much height as with other drawers.
The installation was exceptionally easy and straight forward…”so easy, even a girl can do it” as my husband chuckled.
I just wanted to let you know you have a great product, and I can’t wait to get the rest of my kitchen drawer-ized!
Littleton, Colorado

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your rollout drawers — I LOVE THEM! I recently ordered two as a “test case”. They were extremely easy to install and work beautifully. I had become so frustrated with having to bend awkwardly, or get down on my hands and knees to remove heavy pots in the front in order to reach the pots in the back of my cabinets. Your rollout drawers make my life so much easier. The price is reasonable compared with other similar products. Today I ordered two more and anticipate finding other cabinets in need of similar improvement!
San Mateo, CA

I must tell you that I received the drawer yesterday and my husband was able to install it just as you said – east as 1 – 2 – 3! We absolutely love it and will be ordering another one shortly. This will definitely make our life easier! I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier!!!
Thanks so much for a wonderful product!!!!
Brookhaven, PA

Hi, great product. I am glad I found you. There are lots of drawer companies out there. Yours is excellent.
Lenexa, KS

To whom it may concern:
I ordered a number of roll out cabinet drawers from Roll-out Kitchen Drawers. The product met all my expectations and more(sturdiness and quality). My wife and I are very pleased and have recommended them to friends.
I was especially impressed with Ida; the lady that took my order. She was very pleasant and even cautioned me about putting the front screws in first which I found to be a great tip. I felt that Ida took a special interest in my order.
The directions were easy to follow and even I had no trouble following them.
Biloxi, MS

We received our “Rollout Kitchen Drawers” and I installed them yesterday. We are extremely pleased with the look, quality manufacturing, and for me, the ease on installation. I am now looking to see where I my be able to use more “Rollout Drawers”! We only wish they came in more sizes!!!
Thank you,
Montgomery, AL

I just want to saw WOW! I am so impressed with your service and your product that I had to let you know. I ordered the drawers on Tuesday late afternoon and by Thursday afternoon I had received and installed all of them and am on my way to an organized kitchen I also want to say that I really appreciated that there was no unnecessary packing materials to get rid of afterwards – it makes things so much easier! The drawers fit perfectly and were even easier to install than I had hoped. Thank you again for your exemplary service and product!
Victoria, BC

Thanks for the quick response.  Received the roll out drawers and love them.
My husband could not believe the great quality and also how simple they were to install.  We now can access everything in our lower kitchen cabinets.  Thanks again for the great product and the great service.
Nekoosa, WI

Hi Brian– I received my roll-out drawers and just finished installing them–lickity split–less than 5 minutes per drawer. It is obvious the drawers are well made and will hold up for many years. Thanks for offering a great product at a fair price and free shipping–whoppee!
El Paso, TX

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with our first order, they are already installed as of this evening.
I am placing another order tonight. We really love them and are telling others about your great product, and
Ease of ordering and fast shipping. Couldn’t be more pleased.
Rome, GA

Hello. I just received & installed 4 of your drawers this past week, and I really am impresssed with them.
Helped to update some unusable lower cabinets.
Kentville, NS

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the drawers, they are wonderful…just what I needed to be able to see what is in that deep …cupboard…without having to unload the whole cupboard to find one thing…they are so useful…I recommend them to everyone ….my neighbour and handicapped friend plan on doing all their shelves too..and have taken down your website to order in the near future. I don’t know how I got along without them before!!!
I am planning on doing my linen cupboards and my food cupboard downstairs next….the were so easy to install…I could do them all by myself…didn’t need to wait for my husband to come home and help me….what a sense of organization and accomplishment…
London, ON

I must tell you how pleased we are with the drawers we ordered!! They are of such high quality, fit great, look great and operate great! I’m so happy to have found you. We plan to order more when we go to our summer home in June so GET READY!! The woman who assisted me with this order was so knowledgeable and helpful as well. Thank you for carrying such a wonderful product.
Sarasota, Florida

I got the 20″ drawers that we ordered last week and I installed them today. Evidently we did have the proper cabinets to fit the 20 inchers, despite the electrical conduit, and they work perfectly. For the first time in my life, this was a 5 minute job that actually only took 5 minutes!
Will be ordering two more today. Thanks for the advise.
Barre, VT

I placed an order a few weeks ago and I am really pleased!!! I have been looking for an inexpensive alternative to the metal basket type drawers and the wooden ones I saw were very flimsy. I was happy to find your website and very glad to receive my shipment so quickly. I love your product. No only will the trays be easy to clean but they really hold 100 lbs! I am recommending your product to everyone I know! Thank you!!!
Sue Anne
Tualatin, OR