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  1. I have these rollout shelves installed in my kitchen and my closet which holds cleaning items. I have six rollout shelves and I love them. I need shelves in the bathrooms and I wonder what sizes are available. The existing cabinet shelves are about 15 1/2 inches wide. The cabinetmaker resistive putting a slide out shelf because it would cut down on the width of storage space, but I cannot see what is in the back of the shelf.
    Kay Tankersley

    1. Hi Kay;

      Thank you for the note.

      Bathroom vanities are normally shallower than kitchen cabinets. The inside dimensions of standard (not custom-made) kitchen cabinets are 22″. We designed our drawers to maximize the footprint in standard kitchen cabinets…thus our drawers are slightly under 22″ in length. Bathroom vanities are typically 18 or 20″ deep…so our drawers are too big for most bathroom vanities unless they are custom built deeper.

      I understand your frustration with poor access to the back of your cabinets. Your options are:
      1. Force your cabinet maker to do as you wish
      2. Do a search on Amazon. They have a bunch of drawer manufacturers. You may be able to find a shorter drawer that screws to a shelf there.

      Good luck!

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